Lotus Cardiac Care Pvt. Ltd. (LCCPL) is established in the year 2009 at Ahmedabad - Gujarat, India having cumulative 15 years of experience in offering efficient and prominent solutions to hospitals and health institutes to restore good health to their patients and also for better working environment to their doctors, nursing staff & technicians.

LCCPL’s core competency is marketing & selling of innovative & conceptual minimal invasive cardio vascular devices for treating coronary artery disease. LCCPL is now also offering environment friendly & safety solutions for radiation protection (X-RAY) clothing and accessories to doctors, nursing staff & technicians. The Primary objective of LCCPL is to provide highest level of support, service and innovation to healthcare experts.

The company is efficient channel partner with Envision Scientific Pvt. Ltd.- minimal invasive cardio vascular devices like Sirolimus Drug Eluting Coronary Stent – Abluminus, Drug Eluting Bifurcation stent system – Nile SIR & Drug Coated Balloon – Magic Touch and Protech Leaded Eyewear Inc.- USA - Radiations protection clothing, Lead Apron, Reduced Lead Aprons, Lead Free Aprons, Accessories & Special product Lead Gloves.

Our products add value and influence patient care pathways for the better. In an industry where high standards, good quality products and a professional service are the norm, LCCPL strives to be better.